Hello and welcome! I founded Acadia Baby Gear, LLC in the summer of 2021 after moving home to Mount Desert Island (MDI) with my husband and two children in 2020. Native to Mount Desert Island (MDI), I grew up exploring Acadia National Park and developed a deep love and respect for the beautiful outdoors and the Park. Prior to returning to Maine as a full-time resident, I would visit every summer with my children to experience and share with them the natural wonderment of MDI. Whether it was hiking, kayaking, running the carriage roads or swimming at the local shore, my family made magical memories that will stay with us forever.

During my time as a summer visitor I quickly discovered there were baby items that were essential to maximizing the comfort and joy of experiencing Acadia National Park with children. Finding a stroller that worked on the Carriage Roads was a must, and many of my toddlers' naps were in a BOB jogger as I walked some of the forty-five miles of Acadia’s Carriage Roads. A supportive and comfortable hiking backpack allowed me to safely get out hiking and walking the scenic trails and mountains with my baby comfortably on my back. Additionally, I quickly learned how important it was to have a full sized crib that mimicked the crib my children had at home – so they would sleep better and I would sleep better! A happy baby on vacation equals happy parents on vacation!

In creating this business, my hope is that families visiting MDI and Acadia National Park will be able to maximize their visit by renting gear that not only makes their stay more comfortable and convenient, but also creates a more magical and memorable experiences.

Thank you for supporting this small, female owned, local business!

Britt Emmons Ricardo, founder