You're an expert on what you need to keep your baby happy and comfortable while traveling on vacation. We're an expert on what gear you might need, but not have while adventuring in Acadia National Park. We have everything you need to make your stay as fun and restful for both the babies and the adults!

Suggested items for Acadia Exploration:

The Jogger

These lightweight joggers are fantastic for exploring the carriage roads of Acadia National Park. There are over 45 miles of roads that are used for biking, running and walking. If you're looking to explore this unique component of Acadia, keep in mind a regular stroller's wheels will not make it over the gravel roads, so a jogger is a must! UPF 50+ Sun protection shade, 5 point easy-adjust safety harness, foot pedal parking brake and handlebar wrist strap and chassis lock. Safety: not recommended for under 8 weeks of age. Weight/height capacity: 75lbs, 44".

The Hiking Backpack

If you're looking to do some serious hiking up some of the 26 magnificent mountains in Acadia, a hiking backpack is essential. This padded, heigh-adjustable seat with a 5-point harness keeps your baby safely secure on your back. The lightweight frame and padded shoulder and waist straps keep your body comfortable, especially with the added lumbar support feature. This backpack is for children between 17lbs and 40lbs, roughly 6-36 months in age.

Additional Travel Comforts and Essentials:

Full Sized Crib

this crib replicates the at-home comfort your baby knows to help your little one sleep b1qetter while on vacation. When renting this crib the mattress, mattress protector and a fitted sheet will be included in your rental. Commonly asked question: what is the height from the top of the mattress to the top railing (for those smart toddlers who have started crawling out of a Pack 'N Play)? The height is 20.75" which is the standard height for most cribs.

High Chair

We offer two types of high chairs for families looking to safely feed their little ones while on vacation and have them sit comfortably and contained while parents prepare meals.


Not every property is equiped for a baby on the move. This Jumperoo keeps your baby happily and safely contained while you make meals, get dressed for the day or simply attempt to sit down to relax for a moment while on vacation. While we do rent some babygates, there are strict policies about where and how they can be used for your child's safety. We recommend this fun activity center to help your baby stay entertained so you can keep your eyes on them while also multitasking as all parents do.

Pack 'N Play

These easy to set up, standard compact sized Pack N' Plays are perfect for families looking to have their baby sleep safely and comfortably during the duration of their visit. There is an option that comes with the infant insert and changing table station for the itty bitty newbies on their first vacation.